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We have combined modern production technologies with traditional methods of drying and peeling fruits, which have been used in the countries of Central Asia for several millennia.


The entire range that is exported is fully certified to meet the quality standards of agricultural products of foreign countries. Thus, security is guaranteed.


We use only the best varieties of fruits grown in ecologically clean mountainous regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They contain a large number of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances.


GardenСells gain the trust of hundreds of buyers from all over the world thanks to a several of advantages that make different us from other competitors:
Agriculture cultivation: We use healthy, environmentally friendly seeds and seedlings in order to get tasty, beautiful and healthy products. However, we constantly monitoring the growing conditions of fruits and vegetables, by taking into account such parameters as soil fertilizer, watering, temperature and humidity.
Harvesting: The key to the benefits and attractive appearance of agricultural products is a careful harvest at the time when vegetables and fruits are ready for this as much as possible. We are sensitive to the harvesting of products and carry them out in accordance with all sanitary requirements.
Processing of products: We use only authorized sanitation procedures without harmful chemicals and impurities. Our mining does not affect the taste and benefits of the crop, leaving minerals and vitamins inside vegetables and fruits.
Packaging: Sealed products - a guarantee of quality and our pride. We choose the best packaging option, protecting products from spoilage, dust and crush. Our packaging is easy to transport and environmentally friendly.
Warehousing: For proper storage of products, special conditions are required to guarantee the safety of the goods. We have our own warehouse, which takes into account all the appropriate parameters to preserve the freshness, taste and appearance of our products.
Delivery: We care about our vegetables, fruits and dried fruits are delivered to the buyer in their original form, without losing attractiveness and taste. That is why all stages of logistics are under tight control. All products are transported in appropriate conditions and as soon as possible.


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About us

 GardenСells is a young and prospective team of specialists, one of leading player and reliable partner for the export of dried and fresh fruits in the market of Uzbekistan and Asia. We produce and supply dried fruits and fresh fruits by own, and we managing how to set up business processes in such a way that the client does not spend time to searching for quality products and delivering them, but dealing with their own sales. GardenCells independently sows, processes, packs and ships, and this allows us to manage pricing accurately. In addition, we are the only company in the agriculture market in Uzbekistan, which is openly and transparently exposes the prices of products on its own website, which guarantees fair management of the partnership. We transfer the agriculture products market to a modern business model, providing customers with the best agriculture products and favorable logistics conditions. Our goods and distribution services are in no way inferior to the export of dried fruits and fresh fruits in Europe and other developed countries of the world. If you wish to buy fresh fruits and dried fruits, but you are wary of a poor-quality issues, we suggest ordering a free test sample of product and assuring the quality standard of our products. All our products and services certified. Exporting dried fruits and fresh fruits from Uzbekistan is safe, affordable and tasty!