nuts, dried fruits, legumes,
Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs

About us

GardenCells is a young, ambitious team of specialists and a major player in the export of dried fruits / legumes / fresh vegetables and fruits / herbs in the Uzbek market. As a manufacturer and supplier of agriculture products, we have simplified a number of business process manipulations so that the client does not waste time searching for quality products and their delivery, but deals with their own sales. We create goods and distribution services that take the export of agriculture commodities to a new level that is in no way inferior to Europe and other developed countries of the world. GardenCells is self-seeding, processing, packaging and exporting, allowing us to control prime cost by ourselves. We are moving the agricultural market into a business format according to modern standards, providing customers with the best products, honest partnership and favorable logistics conditions.

In addition, we propose to jointly grow agriculture products in our fields in joint projects.

If you want to buy dried fruits or other agricultural products in bulk, but beware of a low-quality product, we suggest ordering a trial sample and make sure of the quality standard of our products.

And also, we can provide transport and forwarding services.

Export from Uzbekistan is safe, affordable and tasty!