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Fruit export from Uzbekistan

Export of fruits is the main item of Uzbekistan's foreign trade. With many years of experience in this industry, our country is considered one of the most sought-after export countries for fruits and vegetables. GardenCells regularly makes "fruit flights" to the CIS countries and Europe. The whole process of growing, harvesting and processing complies with the international standard ISO 10-25/2009.

Over the years of existence, we, GardenCells, have shown ourselves as a reliable exporter, a quality manufacturer and a company with a positive reputation. The presence of our own fields, proper equipment, unique recipes and competent specialists confirms the high level of trust on the part of customers. We carry out the entire distribution process, keep transparent records and guarantee the quality of our fruits.

Do you want to buy fruits from Uzbekistan in bulk? We will be happy to deliver the best selected fruits to you anywhere, in accordance with the terms of the contract, without unnecessary expenses and delays.

You can also absolutely not worry about the safety of fruits during transportation - our team will create ideal conditions for the transportation of products and delivery to the customer.

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