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Cultivation technology - a set of measures used in the cultivation of agricultural crops.

Technological measures include: selection of a site for growing (place in the crop rotation), methods of tillage, rates and methods of fertilization, preparation of seed, methods and timing of sowing, adherence to the seeding rate, caring for crops, combating diseases and pests, harvesting ...

An error in the technological process of at least one of the above operations will negatively affect the result of all the work done. And the result is the quantity and quality of our products.

The main goal of technological operations is to create conditions for obtaining high yields of cultivated crops with the least expenditure of working time, material and financial resources per unit of high quality products.

But in striving for the main goal of cultivation technology, one should not forget about the preservation of natural resources: soil fertility, its protection from erosion processes.

Each technological operation, and the entire system of technological methods in the cultivation of agricultural crops, should be directed not only to increase yields, but also to preserve the fertility of the upper soil layer and the amount of humus in it.

Humus (soil humus) is a complex organic substance formed as a result of the decomposition of organic residues under the action of enzymes secreted by soil bacteria and fungi.

Agrotechnical methods and technological operations should contribute not only to maintaining the amount of humus in the soil, but also to increase its percentage and improve quality.

To achieve this goal, it is recommended to introduce rotted manure, composts, peat mixtures into the soil, cultivation of perennial legumes, sowing green manure. The application of mineral fertilizers in sufficient quantities and the cultivation of soils promotes the development of soil microflora, which contributes to the formation of humus.

Technological methods used in the cultivation of agricultural crops are guided by the biological characteristics of the crops grown, as well as the soil and climatic conditions of the region of the event.