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Export of greens from Uzbekistan

Fresh, juicy greens from Uzbekistan in bulk in any season is a reality. Our climate allows us to grow various herbs all year round and to export these products without interruption. If you are interested in the supply of greenery from Uzbekistan at low prices and favorable conditions, we are ready to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation.

Having all the necessary certificates: phytosanitary, hygienic, certificate of conformity and origin (CT-1), GardenCells has the right to export all agricultural products. The products we send are of excellent quality, and the distribution and logistics conditions are designed in such a way as to optimally reduce the transportation time, ensure the transparency of the contract and maintain long-term partnerships.

Delivery of greens from Uzbekistan is carried out in cardboard packages with ice from filtered water. Greens, together with ice, are packed in corrugated containers, insulated with adhesive tape. Further, before transportation, the stage of cooling follows. Our specialists carry out full control at all stages of the process: from growing greenery to shipping products to the customer. If you want to buy greens from Uzbekistan in bulk, order our free trial copy first.